Graphic Design Atlanta

Graphic Design Atlanta

A picture is worth a thousand words in both the physical world and the Internet platform. You need a design that will spread the message of your business and keep a long-lasting and positive impression. Businesses with a robust digital platform invest in graphic designs that speak for their brand and improve sales and traffic outreach. What are these different types of graphic designs?

Types of graphic designs in Atlanta

Visual identity

The visual identity of the brand communicates the emotions, personalities, and principles of the brand. These visual identities express the relationship between the audience and the brand, so they have a cohesive message of the essence of your business. It is typical for our logo design expert and brand design artist to collaborate with you so we can get the consistent imageries, colors, and shapes that make up your company, to include them in the relevant visual media. Examples of corporate visual designs include the following:

Marketing designs

Marketing ads are responsible for the first impression you give prospective clients. It is best to have a visual director or graphic design artist who understands all the different concepts of the designs and creates visual content to engage and possibly influence the audience to learn more about your business. Our content marketing graphical designs are helpful for the following products:

  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Social media graphics
  • Infographic designs
  • Digital ads

Information designs

The goal of graphic design in Atlanta is to help people understand your business by making the information more digestible. We aim to make these data visuals aesthetically pleasing as other graphic designs, with a wide range of options to match the message and brand. One way is by using motion designs that are easy to understand and fit well across a wide range of digital platforms. Examples of digital motion designs that communicate your brand’s message include the following:

  • Website designs
  • Apps
  • Animated logos
  • Promotional videos
  • GIF banners

Is it worth using our graphic designer?

Most people look at legendary brands that achieved worldwide success using a simple logo with one color. The confidential information is that these logos and brands speak to the human conscience and attract massive authority because they include psychological motives.

A professional graphic designer invests in their career, offering a visually appealing, trendy, and effective marketing strategy. We understand the importance of constantly evolving our marketing tools so clients find easy success with various campaigns and long-term growth strategies. 

We know that graphic design is a constantly changing interest that works excellent on many platforms. Knowing the different types of designs will assist you in distinguishing what you need from our graphic designers and suggest an option with the highest impact for your audience. The good news is that IMS offers more than simple graphic designs and can help determine and put together various other digital marketing tools. Feel free to check our list of services online and contact us for more graphic design services.


Graphic Design Atlanta

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Graphic Design Atlanta

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