Las Vegas Fish Store

Las Vegas Fish Store

Las Vegas Fish Store

Not every pet enthusiast has what it takes to create and maintain a successful saltwater tank. Generally, aquariums that recreate ocean reefs cost more to start and more to maintain. They also provide an exceptional array of sea life that simply isn’t possible with a freshwater tank. When you’re ready to start any sort of aquarium, Artistic Oceans is your one-stop Las Vegas fish store. Of course, we also stock a splendid selection of freshwater as well as saltwater fish for your consideration.

The difference between saltwater and freshwater fish

Cost is not the only difference between saltwater fish tanks and freshwater aquaria. The animals you choose to populate both sorts of tanks are also very different.

In general, all fish are water-dwelling animals with skulls. Most fish also boast a backbone. All fish breathe through skin openings called gills. All fish have fins, as well. Biologists classify fish according to habitat. Where they live is different, but the way they absorb oxygen is different, too.

The gills of freshwater fish work in a way that keeps the animal’s bodily fluids inside their fishy body. The gills of saltwater fish permit osmosis. This is why saltwater fish ‚drink‘ a large quantity of ocean water every day. A saltwater fish will die in freshwater and vice versa.

Freshwater fish tend to be covered in scales, whereas some saltwater species have no scales at all. Freshwater fish have evolved to conserve salt within their bodies. Saltwater species have evolved to conserve water, explains DifferenceBetween magazine.

Habitat and temperature differences

Freshwater fish dwell in a diverse range of habitats, including rivers, lakes, streams, and low-lying wetlands. In fact, freshwater species comprise more than 40 percent of all fish worldwide. Many freshwater fish thrive in cold waters that would be fatal to a saltwater species. Likewise would saltwater be detrimental to a freshwater fish.

With the right mix of fish, plants, living corals, and mossy rocks, an aquarium can be virtually self-cleaning. When you visit our Las Vegas fish store, we can explain how to select proper fish, shrimps, snails, and cleaner fish that will bring interest to your space without requiring a tremendous amount of maintenance.

Beginner or experienced

It doesn’t matter whether you have been keeping aquariums for years or if you are brand-new to the wonderful world of fish keeping. We can help you choose the right kind of tank for your environment and help you set it up, too. If you want the lovely look of a healthy aquarium but don’t have the time to invest in putting it together and keeping it clean, we’d be delighted to lease a tank that suits your purposes perfectly.

When you are ready to know more about how to start and keep a fabulous fish tank, give us a call at 702-405-6732. Alternately, you are welcome to drop by our Las Vegas fish store at 6820 West Sahara Avenue. If you’re reading this in the middle of the night, go ahead and send your query by e-mail to [email protected]

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